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St. Paul Youth Rejoicing Together

St. Paul Youth Rejoicing Together

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Our youth group is normally involved in many activities throughout the year.  We have 5 reasons for SPYRT to exist:

1) “Grow in Faith,” 

2) “Service to the Congregation here at St. Paul”  

3) “Service to the Bonduel Community and around”   

4) “Evangelism to our fellow classmates” 

5) “Have fun with SPYRT”  


We meet 3 out of 4 Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM. Special activities take place on various weekends throughout the year.


Grow In Faith

1) "Grow in Faith"

Bible Studies:  Presented by youth and youth board members and the youth director at various meetings.  We have continued with the Bible study – Hour of Power/Bible Bowl Practice- for youth on Sundays. 

Bible Bowl:  Each year we compete in the State wide Bible Bowl competition. This year the youth competed on the book of Exodus chapters 1-24; 32-34.  The competition will took place in March at Trinity Lutheran church in Athens and all eligible youth groups from the state were invited to be a part of this. In 2022 the Bible Bowl was held at St. Paul - Bonduel.

Church Service Participation: Youth members are encouraged to serve as ushers, and participate through music – choir and instruments – throughout the church year.

Christian Youth Fellowship - SPYRT STORM:  On weeks when there is not a formal youth meeting, youth fellowship is encouraged.  Youth may play volleyball, dodge ball or basketball in the gym, missionary, or weather permitting, outside games. 

Youth Shepherds:  15 plus youth are trained as “youth shepherds” or “youth shepherds in training” to lead Bible studies in small groups during our Wednesday “Feed the Flock” Bible study.

National Youth Gathering:  The NYG was held on July 7-14, 2022 in Houston.  20 youth and 6 adults attended “In All Things”.  Brittany Johnson attended as a Young Adult Volunteer and traveled with our youth group. The youth gave a presentation to the congregation in August at a church service.

Service to the Congregation

2) "Service to the Congregation here at St. Paul"

Ushers:  Many of our youth serve as ushers during the church services.

Church activities:  Youth are willing to participate in church services through chancel dramas. They also help serve as VBS teachers, and Sunday School teachers.  

Tithing:  The youth group gives 10% of each fund raiser back to the church or the community as part of stewardship. 

Junior Altar Guild:  Several youth have volunteered to serve on the altar guild with the adult members.

Palm Sunday Breakfast:  Youth served over 200 people breakfast on Palm Sunday on April 10th.

Senior Breakfast:  Youth, together with the Board of Parish Fellowship, served our graduating seniors and their families breakfast on May 22nd.

Service to the Bonduel Community

3) "Service to the Bonduel Community and around"

Highway Clean-up:  SPYRT sponsors a section of Highway 29 to clean up 3 times a year.

Town of Hartland Cleanup:  Youth and adults cleaned all township roads in April.

Charlie’s Brat Fry:  Youth and adults spent 3 days grilling and selling brat and burgers at Charlie’s in Shawano in June.

Qualheim’s Brat Fry:  Youth and adults held a brat fry at Qualheim’s in May to raise money for the NYG.

Humstrum:  Youth sold food at the Humstrum Festival at Double Vision in June.

Founder’s Day:  Youth sold brats, hamburgers and soda/water during Founder’s Day in September at the Fire Station.

SPYRT Craft Sale:  Held on October 29th and was very successful.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Sale:  Monthly fundraiser through Papa Murphy’s in Shawano.

Evangelism to our fellow classmates

4) "Evangelism to our fellow classmates"

Bible Studies/Youth Shepherds:  Youth officers and youth shepherds led opening devotions and Bible studies for general meetings.

We have continued with “Feed the Flock” one week during the month. Youth are taught and encouraged to be witnesses to their fellow classmates though these Bible studies.  We emphasize learning how to be witnesses through discussion and role playing. Youth are also leading small group Bible studies to their peers. The public-school catechism students also participate.

See You at The Pole:  Several youth members, adults, and teachers led prayers during this event on September 28th at St. Paul this year. They have also been encouraged to hold other “Pole Prayer” days, where they gather around the flag pole at Bonduel High School and pray.

Christian Youth Fellowship (SPYRT STORM):  One week during the month, when there is not a formal youth meeting, youth members are encouraged to come to fellowship.  They are encouraged to bring friends who are not members of our church or youth group.

Have fun with SPYRT

5) "Have fun with SPYRT"

- Christmas Party/Gift Exchange

- National Youth Gathering in July of 2022

- Capture the Flag/Missionary/Dodge Ball/Eagles’ Nest

- Scavenger Hunt to welcome 7th and 8th graders to our SPYRT group


- Several adults serve either officially on the Board of Youth or as volunteer helpers.


- Our youth serve in the following official elected positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and public relations


We're raising up the next generation of world changers to love God and His house!